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Light Efficient Design Donates LED Lamps to Oakland habitat For Humanity Restore 

The donation, which will total approximately $50,000 in LED lamps, is comprised of discontinued merchandise from Light Efficient Design’s San Leandro, California, warehouse. The LED lamps being donated replace a wide range of traditional lamps from 100W Incandescent to 25W Halogen, all of which allow for retrofitting into existing fixtures, making them a convenient and affordable LED solution.

Light Efficient Design’s LED Retrofit Powers Energy Savings With Style for The Shops at Wiregrass 

The Shops at Wiregrass has almost 150 sidewalk decorative post lamps. Maintenance was continuously replacing the 100W metal halide bulbs in use. Light Efficient Design’s LED-8029, a 24W LED retrofit that replaces HID lamps, turned out to be the right solution, both aesthetically and cost-effectively. The LED-8029 reduced energy use by over 85 percent. “We are very pleased with the outcome and have noticed significant savings in energy,” Durnford notes.

Light efficient design revs up harley-davidson

Paul Shock, a consultant for Lawless, explained that the dealership wanted to switch to LED lighting in order to lower electricity expenses. As luck would have it, Marc Wehmeyer, a representative from a local distributor, called on the dealership to speak the praises of Light Efficient Design’s vast assortment of LEDs

Finding a Smart Solution for Mt. Pleasant Central School’s Gym

Mt. Pleasant Central School District had tolerated significant problems with shadows and darkness during night time sporting events held in their gymnasiums. Opposing teams complained about the unusually dark conditions. Coaches and physical education teachers noticed disadvantages for the home teams. Night games and matches were full of confusion due to the players’ inability to track balls and plays.

The University of Nottingham’s Challenge, Solution, and Outcome

There were many challenges at the University of Nottingham. Rising energy costs coupled with a shrinking budget, lighting consuming 20% of anunal energy bill, and changes that needed to happen while daily campus life went on.


LED Retrofit Wins BIG at Monte Carlo’s Street of Dreams!

Light Efficient Design, a premier source of high quality LED retrofit lighting solutions, today announced the successful completion of a large LED retrofit project in the “Street of Dreams” retail area of the Monte Carlo Casino and Resort. “We’re proud to collaborate on this sustainability win for MGM Resorts, which has such a strong track record of corporate responsibility,”says Tim Taylor, President and CEO of Light Efficient Design.



For three years, Swift Electrical Supply had been encouraging the maintenance team at Bergen County Parking Garage to consider replacing their HID lighting with LED. Each of their current 330 HID fixtures was consuming a minimum of 84W of power per day. 70W Pulse Start MH lamps were supposed to be fitted into every parking garage fixture, although in actuality, various lamps of differing brands, wattages and types were being used. The structure’s inconsistent HID lighting led to widespread lamp outages and frequent patron complaints.



Customer satisfaction is top priority for Big Sandy Superstores, a top U.S. furniture retailer. Big Sandy aims to provide customers with large, well-lit showrooms so they can comfortably choose fabric colors. Additionally, Big Sandy maintains a corporate commitment to going green. “Any way we can reduce our carbon footprint is important to us,” says Mike Miller, Director of Maintenance.

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